Webstore Group’s values align with our guiding mission:

to provide an exceptional customer experience. As we continue to grow, our core values continue to shape and develop our culture, our brands and product lines, as well as our over-arching business strategies.

Create "Wow"

With so many shopping options available today, we want to remain the top choice for delivering trusted, high-quality products and exceptional service at an affordable, competitive price. We deliver by attracting responsible partners, ensuring quality manufacturing practices, maintaining cutting-edge marketing efforts, and exceeding customer service expectations. We focus on collaboration, not conflict. Growth, not stagnation. We are constantly searching for the best ways to expand our product lines and develop each one’s unique brand voice. Along the way, we are constantly negotiating for the best shipping rates to offer the lowest delivered price to our loyal customers. Our effective cross-channel approach and dedicated employees all contribute to the success of our mission as a collective team.


A great customer experience begins with great employees. We motivate each staff member to strive to be their best every day, which means having accountability by way of taking ownership in their work, showing excellence through execution, and having pride in each task along the way. We encourage open communications and innovative ideas with a collaborative, respectful, and growth-inspiring team environment. We don’t shy away from problem-solving, and instead aim to better understand challenges so we can build better solutions. The entire team at Webstore Group, from the newly experienced intern to the highest level executive, is always driven to excel to his or her highest potential.

Build “Teamradery”

We strongly believe in a collective team environment and a workplace with integrity, in which all employees can enjoy the journey of building the business together. This includes ethical, honest, and supportive behavior, which encourages the best results across the entire team. Our company started small and we have grown dramatically, largely as a result of our creative, talented staff who are always working towards creating new opportunities. We remain dedicated to reward those who excel, offering continuous growth and learning for advancement of not only the company, but the committed employees who support its very foundation.