History & Vision

Doug Harris & James Spohn had a vision for improving the existing local niche retail space, eliminating the typical frustrations involved in the process between suppliers and launching a product to market. Too many other retailers tried to use a one-size-fits-all model for their varied brands, creating logistical challenges for partners behind the products and a dissonance when attempting to speak to customers’ needs. 

With seed capital from Brio Capital Solutions, Webstore Group was founded back in 2008 to bridge the gap between efficient manufacturing and distribution practices with strategic commerce solutions. The result? Webstore Group is now a premiere wholesale & retail hub, with a strong e-commerce presence, uniting manufacturing and distributing with dedicated distribution channels to most appropriately communicate each brand to customers. With a focus on solutions and best practices from development to delivery, the Webstore Group approach drives customer reach, maximizes revenue, and ultimately provides an overall superior customer experience, from supplier to end user.

How Our Process Works

Utilizing a continuously evolving mix of technology and strategy, Webstore Group remains true to its original mission of removing barriers to sales by offering products that balance performance, simplicity and value. We carefully choose our partners from sourcing to distribution, to always meet and exceed customer expectations. In turn, this approach has resulted in many long-term, mutually beneficial relationships.

By manufacturing most products directly in our facilities, we have full control of product quality and management, thereby offering the highest value to our customers with manufacturer-direct pricing. Our dedicated team is responsible for creating professional-quality product photography in our state-of-the-art studio, along with optimized product descriptions and branding, positioning each product in the best way possible.

With an emphasis towards niche and specialty products in need of greater distribution, we carefully evaluate different sales channels. We take into consideration the unique selling points of each brand we carry and find the ideal placement to showcase the quality and benefits of each product we stand behind.

From creating and maintaining ongoing marketing efforts on individual websites to an industry leading sales team & showroom at our Florida headquarters, we at Webstore Group ensure that every brand and individual product is represented to all targeted audiences to its fullest possible potential.

Our Growth and Future Goals

Webstore Group began in a modest 3,200 square foot warehouse, selling a single product. The effectiveness of our unique approach was quickly demonstrated by our quick growth. We have since evolved to manufacturing and representing over 20 different branded product lines, encompassing more than 3,000 products. We take great pride in our diversity of product lines, ranging from commercial restaurant supplies to home improvement products and much more. Our current 102,000 square foot corporate headquarters employs a staff of nearly 50 across warehouse, sourcing, customer service, administrative, marketing, sales, order fulfillment and executive functions. We are currently focusing on finding new partnerships to continue our reach throughout the United States and internationally.